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About company

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Closed joint – stock company “Arvadas” was founded in 1993 in Klaipeda port, Lithuania. The Yard`s ability to work under new conditions is confirmed by significantly increased income and the number of repaired vessels from Western Europe and Scandinavia. Wishing to satisfy the growing demand for ship repair and conversion jobs, the company has invested much into production and improvement of technological processes.

“ARVADAS”, rendering services for protection of metal structure surfaces and ship metal surfaces with high quality paintwork materials with present quality standards being observed:

  • Washing of ship hulls, superstructures and other ship spaces with water under pressure up to 300 bar (WOM).
  • Cleaning with water up to 1000 bar.
  • Usage of paints and primers from firms – manufacturers – “International”, “Jotun”, “Hempel”, etc.
  • Cleaning and painting of tanks – painting after surface preparation to class SA-2,5;
  • Professional advice, supervision, inspection of preparatory and painting work on the basis of a full set of International Standards.
  • Any kind of pipe work.
  • Grit blasting and painting.
  • Tank coating.
  • Repair of all boiler types.
  • Engineering assistance.